Meaning of Roses

Welcome to a new way of telling someone how you are feeling!

Receiving flowers is a warm and wonderful feeling.  Why is that?


Because it means that some is thinking about you.  Giving roses on Valentine's Day dates back to the 17th century during the reign of King Charles II of Sweden. He was introduced to the art "The language of flowers".  This expressionist art focused on one's ability to communicate using flowers without uttering any words.

Print a Bunch has come up with a way to let them know your true thoughts and feelings by printing them directly on the flowers.

What is the meaning of 12 red roses?
12 Red Roses. 12 red roses, the perfect dozen red roses, has been traditionally sent to signify love. This is the traditional arrangement of roses to send on Valentines Day and signifies your love for the twelve months of the year.

Red Rose


Scottish poet Robert Burns didn’t compare his love to a red, red rose for nothing. Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are a time-honored way to say “I love you.” Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or just to express appreciation on any old day, there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses to express your feelings.
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Pink Rose


Bright and beautiful to behold, but pink roses are also fabulously versatile when you have something important to say. A classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. Whether they’re for your best friend, fiancée or ever-dependable cubicle mate, a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day.
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White Rose


White roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings, but their quiet beauty has also made them a gesture of remembrance. When the occasion calls for reverence, whether stately or somber, a bouquet of white rose is a perfect way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”
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Orange Rose


With their blazing energy, orange roses are the wild child of the rose family. Whatever feelings you might be bubbling over with—enthusiasm, passion, gratitude—orange roses will get the message across with both oomph and elegance.
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Yellow Rose


When it comes to sending a joyful message, yellow roses are your best friend. In fact, yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship, so there you go. With their warm, sunny disposition, a bouquet of yellow roses tends to light up the room, making them a perfect way to say thanks, get well, congratulations or just, “Hey, thanks for being you.”
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