AbilityFirst Ottawa (AFO)

Ability First Ottawa (AFO) is a charity that provides comprehensive services and support to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities (from ages 10 to 70) and their families. AFO strives to assist persons with disabilities, and their families, reach their social, educational and employment goals by offering resource infrastructure and skills development in coordination with our supporting community.
Ability First Ottawa is a young charity, celebrating its 5 year anniversary this year, therefore, funding and grants of any kind have been hard to come by. We are hopeful that more and more people will see what AFO can do and will start to donate and spread the word. AFO feels that Print a Bunch, with their unique product, is a great match to help with our goal. They have similar values and support our goals. Ability First Ottawa thanks Print a Bunch for their continued support.
Print a Bunch has a passion in supporting non-profit organization based in our community. Ability First Ottawa is a great example as they get involved with people that have a physical or mental disability in aiding them to find stable jobs and programs to help them reach their full potential.  
This board of directors are very implicated with the participants lives.  They certainly have a passion to find better living conditions and a better social life for all.
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