Thank you for Supporting The Bruyere foundation!


Dear Family and Friends,

We have collaborated with Print in Bunch Florists to raise funds throughout the year.

A percentage goes back to the home for each purchase made. Here are some opportunities you could take advantage of:

- Thanksgiving (Oct)

- Christmas (Dec)

- Valentine's Day (Feb)

- Easter (April)

- Mother's Day (May 10)

- Father's Day (June) - Graduation (June) As well as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and Funerals.

Our most Popular Seller, Our Whimsical Christmas Tree:



          18" High                         24" (2 feet) Tall                    4 Feet Tall

           $39.99                                $59.99                             $149.99

Mini Grinch Tree    

     Pre-Order to Reserve        Pre-Order to Reserve          Pre-Order to Reserve

                                               BEFORE YOU FORGET!

                                    THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!


The Bruyere Foundation: Who would you like to support?

1) St-Louis Residence

2) St-Vincent Hospital

3) Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital

4) Elizabeth Bruyere Residence

5) Bruyere village

6) Bruyere Area of Greatest Need